Project documentation

Project documentation

Construction and installation work is prohibited in the Russian Federation without its presence.

Construction and installation work is prohibited in the Russian Federation without its presence.

The management company "D-Holding" provides a full range of services in design for industrial and civil use of various levels of complexity - from the creation of conceptual design to the implementation of working documentation and field supervision.

Our activities

Responsibility of design of buildings and levels of construction I and II: Our team develops the project and working documentation for construction of civil and industrial use.

Training scheme of planning the organization of land:

  • the development of improvement of land.

  • Development of a master plan of the land.

  • development of grading the land.

Preparation of design and architectural solutions: Our specialists will develop the basic design and architectural solutions, depending on seismic, geological, environmental and climate data. Also, we find the best options for the construction of future building designs to ensure sufficient rigidity of the system in the event of impact of various loads.

Design of internal engineering networks and systems. The team "D-Holding" is engaged in the design of internal networks of technical maintenance. As part of this service, we carry out development projects:

  • Heating and cooling systems, heating, air conditioning and ventilation (including smoke).

  • Water, electricity and sewage.

  • Internal low-voltage systems.

  • scheduling, automation and control engineering systems.

  • gas.

Design of external engineering networks and systems: Our experts design the exterior network engineering and technical support. As part of the service we offer to carry out the development of the following projects of external systems and related facilities:

  • heating.

  • water and sanitation.

  • power up to 35 or 110 KV.

  • power supply of 110 or more.

  • low-voltage systems.

  • gas.

Preparation of technological solutions: Our range of services includes the development of technological solutions for residential, public, industrial, hydro-technical buildings and their complexes, and also for the following:

  • collection, processing, storage, processing and recycling.

  • nuclear energy industry.

  • military infrastructure.

  • treatment plants.

  • Metro (in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation from 23.06.2010 N 294);

  • other purposes (transport, agriculture, oil and gas, specialized).

Development of special sections of project documentation. These include:

  • engineering and technical measures of civil defense.

  • engineering and technical measures for the prevention of natural and man-made disasters.

  • Declaration of safety of hydraulic structures.

  • Declaration of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities.

  • study of radiation and nuclear protection.

Drafting of the organization of construction, demolition and removal of buildings and structures, life extension and conservation. Our experts have prepared projects for:

  • organization of construction (a list of types of construction and installation work, the choice of optimal technological sequence of works, etc.).

  • demolition and removal of buildings and structures (training justifies chosen methods of demolition and dismantling, obtaining permission to carry out these works, etc.).

  • dismantling of buildings, dismantling of structures and equipment (selection and justification of the methods of disassembling, dismantling, etc.);

  • life extension and preservation of buildings and structures (the timing of exploitation, conservation and other objectives).

The development of other essential topics:
  • measures to ensure fire safety.

  • measures to ensure access physically impaired.

  • measures to protect the environment.

Examination of construction structures of buildings and other structures. Our experts at management company "D-Holding" perform work on the assessment of the actual parameters that characterize the operational state of the objects being inspected. Also, employees determine the possibility of further operation of buildings and structures, or the need for their recovery and strengthening.

Preparation of design and working documents: when our experts with the participation of the customer or the developer have made an agreement (in a contract with a legal entity / individual entrepreneur) we develop appropriate design and detailed documentation.

To get more information on the cost of our services, and other conditions of cooperation, as well as to request design documentation, please call or e-mail us.

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