The estimated cost of the project construction

The estimated cost of the project construction

In determining the total costs it is required to take into account

In determining the total costs it is required to take into account ...

The cost of construction works specified in the work contract; this includes the costs of the contractor and his remuneration for the work performed. Prices for construction work are regulated by the state through the adoption of common tariffs for transportation, the cost of building materials and products, rates and tariff schedules of workers, overhead rules, planned accumulations and other elements. In addition, when determining the total costs it is required to take into account the technical and economic characteristics, local conditions and other factors. The cost of construction of the object is determined based on estimates of construction and planning.

Construction estimates

This document includes cost items, customer resources, and direct producers of construction work. It is made on the basis of the project construction, repair or reconstruction of the object. All costs that are reflected in the estimates of construction can be divided into the following groups:

  • direct costs.
    This group includes wages, operating costs of mechanization, construction materials, component parts and structures, as well as the costs of their delivery to the construction site.
  • overhead
    This group includes costs not directly related to the technology of construction and installation works, but relating to the management of construction and maintenance of production. Included among them are the cost of maintenance, repairs and operation of office equipment and social insurance contributions. Also refer to the overhead costs of the jobs and salaries of administrative personnel and others.

Planned estimate.

This document takes into account the cost of the customer to meet the obligations on investment. The planned estimate is agreed with the investor of the project and includes the material costs, labor costs, accrued depreciation, insurance premiums, and other communication services.

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