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Design - a complicated and responsible process, which includes a huge technical component and a significant part of the architectural design.

The results of this work are beautiful and ergonomic public and residential buildings, businesses, shops, offices, business and shopping centers, sports complexes, hospitals, schools and other facilities, without which it is simply impossible to imagine our modern life.


Designing in Moscow and other cities helps to solve commercial and urban development objectives aimed at improving the lives of people. And if the design of public and residential buildings is to fully meet the domestic needs of the population, the design of industrial facilities and installations must take into account functional accommodation, the use of modern means of production without harming the ecology of the city and the country as a whole. That is why this important work should be trusted to highly qualified specialists having the appropriate engineering education and experience.

Management Company "D-Holding" – is a team of professional managers, engineers and architects with extensive experience of design work and providing a full range of services as a general contractor and as a subcontractor. In our portfolio you will find many large public facilities, residential and commercial applications, including the Kremlin, Baikonur, the residence of Putin, Moscow City, Peshelansky plaster factory and others.

We help make Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities beautiful with a high-quality and modern living environment for the people, while maintaining the delicate relationship to ecology and respect for the historical appearance of each city, its cultural values and traditions. Our experts put their hearts into the work on each project.

Our goal - to make your future beautiful, comfortable and safe.

From the director of the company:

"Management Company" D-Holding "is an associate member of the Association of Builders of Russia, actively participating in exhibitions and conferences in the construction industry. Our experts are deservedly considered the technical elite, constantly improving their skills, keen on tackling solutions of non-standard tasks. Thanks to a strong partnership with the Peshelanskim gypsum plant we are able to use modern and environmentally friendly building materials directly from the manufacturer for implementation in projects (including turnkey). Our company provides a full range of services - from the formation of technical and economic parameters to putting into operation. This approach provides the opportunity to reduce cost and risk management and offers a centralized control of all processes of the project.

Our first priority is to understand how architects can realize specific human needs. At the top of our list we place aesthetics, usability and ergonomics, and strive to create the conditions for a comfortable and secure life in your favorite city. Every member of our team takes confident steps to achieve this goal."

Our services

Management Company "D-Holding" carries out work on construction, repair, reconstruction of a wide range of facilities: office buildings, business, shopping and office centers, hotels and residential complexes, industrial plants, warehouses, underground communications (networks of water, gas, electricity and heat, and others) and many others. Our services include:

  • Pre-design (concept development, situation analysis, preparation of technical and commercial documentation).
  • Development of design and estimate documentation.
  • Organization and management of design, construction and logistics (equipment).
  • Selection and coordination of subcontractors at all stages of construction.
  • Providing material and technical resources (timely procurement, assembly, uninterrupted supply of environmentally-friendly building and finishing materials directly on objects, and backup products).
  • Authorization and technical supervision of construction, installation and commissioning work.

On choosing our services, you profit from:

  1. Savings

    We solve the problem of designing a predetermined value and carry out a comprehensive cost optimization project. In addition, by providing comprehensive facilities, logistical resources greatly reduce the level of costs compared to market offerings of other general contractors.
  2. Experience and professionalism

    Our specialists have higher education, aquired in the leading Russian universities (Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow State Construction University, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Institute of Economics and Management in Construction and Industry, The Russian Peoples' Friendship University, Novosibirsk State Architectural University and others). In addition, we are constantly keeping our expertise up to date with seminars and additional training. Our specialists participate in the implementation of many large and significant projects in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.
  3. Creativity

    The creative approach of our specialists allows us to develop customised proposals and find alternative ways of solving even the most complex tasks. We are actively cooperating with leading international design and architectural organizations (USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, South Korea and other countries) as well as focusing on the latest technology and the latest trends in the world (including eco-housing). Through this, our specialists can implement almost any of your dreams.
  4. The architectural asceticism of technical equipment

    The presence of modern computers and software (ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Arcon, Autodesk and many others) allows our specialists to deliver quality on time, and to carry out design work of various sizes and levels of complexity.
  5. Using eco-friendly and reliable materials

    Company "D-Holding" is developing a design project of the interior finishing of buildings and structures on the basis of production by the Peshelanskogo gypsum plant. This is sustainable and with, among others, enhanced strength characteristics, in accordance with the wishes of the client. Due to the unique technological solutions and the use of durable materials speed of construction is more efficient and increased.

Get detailed information on the conditions of cooperation and the value of our services. You can make requests by calling 8-985-620-52-70 or email us at info@d-hold.ru.

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