Ladies and gentlemen!

We welcome you to the official website of the Management Company "D-Holding".

b65161.jpg "D-Holding" is a friendly team of engineers and architects who have a higher profile education, years of experience and a portfolio with realized objects. We are a close-knit team of professionals, dedicated and focused on achieving results.

The mission of our company - to achieve the desired result for our customers.

Management Company "D-Holding" offers a comprehensive approach for the design of buildings, structures and linear objects. Our company is certified with the integrated quality management standard, which carries its own full range of activities.

The principles of EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) are used by the company; from conceptual design and preliminary engineering to detailed engineering design study based on modern technology and customer requirements. This allows considerable savings in the project budget, and efficient cost management during the construction phase, and the timing of the work.

A high level design, equipped with modern equipment and spezialized software and the availability of skilled profossionals enable us to produce high quality, competitive products.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and not only do our utmost to justify this priviledge, but also do our best to exceed your wildest expectations!

Yours truly,
Yaroshevich Tatiana

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