О кадровой политике

Our personnel policy

Management Company "D-Holding" - a rapidly growing business, is interested in attracting energetic, self-motivated, enthusiastic and creative people who are able to work in a friendly team, ready for professional development and getting new experience.

The main ideological position of the company is to hire qualified specialists with higher technical education, as well as graduates of the leading architectural schools.

Management Company "D-Holding" – is a team of professional managers, engineers and architects with extensive experience of design work and provides a full range of services as a general contractor and subcontractor. In our portfolio you will find many large public facilities, residential and commercial applications, including the Kremlin, Baikonur, the residence of Mr. Putin, Moscow City, Peshelansky plaster factory and others.

Employment in the company is carried out in full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.


Guarantees and benefits for employees of the management company "D-Holding":

  • Competitive salary.
  • Regular payment of wages.
  • Annual paid leave.
  • Payments temporary illness according to the law.

The personnel policy of the Management Company "D-Holding" is primarily aimed at creating a progressive and professional team of like-minded people, which will ensure the continuing successful development of the company. The high level of training is achieved through advanced training programs and internships, as well as the quality of training in specialized institutions.

A fair system of payment which takes into account the labor market situation of Moscow and in the industry, implements the principles of payment for maintenance work and bonuses for excellent results. Due to the introduction of new technologies, innovation, production simplification, standardization and automation of business processes, creation of an effective system of motivation, efficiency of employees is greatly improved. Ensuring the conservation of highly qualified personnel and attracting new employees aims to create a positive and innovative environment. This allows us to exploit the potential of employees in order to achieve common goals and form an atmosphere of cooperation and effective interaction between specialists.

The company’s manpower strategy is built to:

  • Ensure the company's ability to be flexible, quickly and efficiently adapt to changes in market, socio-political, and external economic factors.
  • Actively initiate and successfully implement necessary changes and innovations.
  • Get the most out of investments in staff through the construction of the system comprissing of: evaluation, development and motivation of specialists.
  • Create a human resource management system, in which the management company "D- Holding" would have the status of a stable attractive employer.

For advice on employment, please contact the service personnel "Management Company" NE ", 121357, Moscow, st. Vereiskaya, d. 17 BC "Vereiskaya Plaza 2", of. 208.

+7 (495) 641-3868, +7 (916) 132-6780.
Chief of Staff: Vyacheslav Krylov.
E-mail resume to: krylov@ukvsv.ru.

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