История Д-холдинга

History of the company

"The greatest credit goes to the architect, who is able to join construction of beauty and comfort for life."
Gian Lorenzo Bernini

This architecture creates a spatial environment in which we pass our lives. It provides people with the necessary components of feeling of well-being which is made up of various aspects: economic, environmental, form, light, and many other factors. Every era of architecture reflects in its particular style the values, priorities and aspirations of mankind. Walking through each town, on the facades of buildings, you can read its record, and identify the cultural traditions and tastes.

For many centuries Moscow has changed and expanded, subject to events through which it had to pass. Each era brings to the appearance of the capital something of it’s own, adding a new unique color. Life does not stand still, and growing demands, needs, and changes in architecture are apparent. Modern Moscow - a city of great opportunities, major financial investments, skyscrapers popping up, commercial and shopping centers has already become a familiar and enthralling city.

Management Company "D-Holding" has also rapidly grown and developed. In less than 10 years we have managed to assemble a cohesive team of engineers, planners, designers and suppliers. In our portfolio you can find such large and important objects as the Kremlin, Baikonur, the residence of Mr. Putin, Moscow City and many others.


Initially we worked as an organization in 2000 in Moscow MC "NE". The company was founded by experts in the field of design and construction for residential, public and industrial use. Thanks to the joint efforts of a small team the project organization grew into a large holding. Later it was restructured, with the resulting creation of the management company "D-Holding". Since the beginning we have already implemented many large and significant projects.


Our company is engaged in the design of residential, public and industrial buildings of various sizes and levels of complexity. We can perform a full range of architectural design, 3D-visualization, interior design and more. Our specialists implement projects in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Minsk.

Management Company "D-Holding" is a member of the Union of Builders of Russia, actively participating in public tenders, public procurement, various exhibitions and conferences in the construction industry. We strive to earn the trust of customers, improving the quality of services and increasing the level of service. Our specialists are constantly working on the development and improvement of their skills, focusing on the latest international trends and the latest technology.

We understand features of new architechtural appearances and we search, implement new forms of bright and unusual ideas. However, modern buildings should be not only beautiful, but also very functional and environmentally friendly. Our company strives to create a comfortable environment for living in harmony with nature. We competently organize space, focusing on new trends in fashion and maintaining aesthetic, emotional, and economical factors.

Our company also strives to take care of the environment. We every effort to use materials, production, and disposal that do not harm the environment. Our facilities meet all modern requirements of quality and reliability standards.


We can realize almost any of your dreams. Our experts will help make your city beautiful, modern with a high-quality living environment, while maintaining respect for its historic appearance and delicate attitude towards the environment.

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