Услуги Д-холдинг


"D-Holding" - a high-tech Russian project company.

Management company "D-Holding" is specialized in the integrated management of the design - from concept and preliminary engineering to detailed engineering design studies based on modern technologies and customer requirements ..

UK "D-Holding" performs:

  • Pre-work (a comprehensive situation analysis, concept development, preparation of a technical-economic feasibility study).
  • Project work (development of design and estimate documentation).
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning of the new facility into operation with its subsequent warranty.

An application engineering approach enables the customer significant cost savings of the project budget, efficient cost management during the construction phase, the timing for completion of design, construction, installation and other works.

Among our advantages:

  • Reducing the total duration of the investment project.
  • An effective project management structure, appropriate methodology, and best quality management system (the company was certified according to ISO 9001).
  • Highly qualified staff that allows you to perform a large amount of work at a high level.
  • Integration in design solutions, advanced technologies and world-class systems, and their full adaptation to Russian standards.
  • Extensive and stable relations with local suppliers and manufacturers of environmentally friendly and high-quality building materials.

Working with UK "D-Holding", you get:

  • High quality of the developed project, estimates and other documentation.
  • Reduced costs through optimal design solutions.
  • Properly designed projects that take into account all aspects of buildings and structures - from energy to economic efficiency.
  • The ability to exercise control over the progress of the project.
  • Integrated risk management project.
  • Advice on legal and normative documents regarding registration of permits required for construction of the designed facility.
  • A reliable partner to produce timely and relevant information on the latest trends in design and control construction costs.

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