Проектирование инженерных сетей и коммуникаций

Design of engineering networks and communications

The development of technical systems (ventilation, heating, sanitation, electricity, gas and water supply and others) is one of the main stages of construction. Proper design of external and internal communications networks reduce the consumption of material resources in the construction of buildings and reduce maintenance costs of the object during its operation. The company "D-Holding" offers services in designing of external engineering networks and internal communications on different objects in Moscow and the Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and other cities of the Russian Federation.

Services "D-Holding"

The company "D-Holding" offers a full range of services for the design of external engineering networks and internal communications:

  • Preparation of project solutions of external and internal engineering systems;
  • Making statements and identification of the required technical indicators;
  • Supervision during installation.

We perform the following work:

  1. Power systems, lighting, grounding and lightning protection.
    • Calculation of electric power consumption load;
    • The development of concepts of power supply from the main power consumers, and additional backup power;
    • Preparation of concepts and planning lighting systems (including emergency);
    • Development schemes for grounding (earthing) and lightning protection;
    • Calculations for power supply circuits;
    • Calculations for artificial lighting;
  2. Systems of internal water supply and sewers.
    • The calculation of water consumption;
    • Development of the plan for water supply systems;
  3. Outside engineering networks of water supply and sewers, sewage treatment and storm water systems.
    • Preparing plans and profiles;
    • Development of schemes of pressure networks, drawings of nodes for external water supply and sewer systems;
  4. Fire extinguishing systems.
    • The development of plans, sections and schemes of the water supply systems;
    • Preparation of drawings for common types of water plants, pumping stations, fire-fighting, fire cabinets, sprinkler and deluge systems, fire tanks and reservoirs;
  5. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
    • Calculation of the consumption of cold stress on air-conditioning and heat for heating, ventilation and hot water supply;
    • Preparation of concepts for heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  6. Heat points, individual boilers.
    • Development of schemes for steam and cooling;
    • Preparation of plans, profiles, schemes and components for heating and cooling networks;
    • Calculations for inspection of pipelines for strength and rigidity;
  7. Thermal engineering networks.
    • Hydraulic calculation;
    • Preparation of plans, sections and schemes of heat supply networks (including the necessary accommodation facilities);

Why use the services of "D-Holding"

  • Workforce "D-holding" is staffed by professional specialists who have extensive experience with designing engineering networks.
  • The presence of modern software, regulatory and technical equipment allows our employees to deliver quality of the design of external networks on time.

Requirements for the design of engineering systems and communications

In "D-holding" design of external networks and the development of working documentation are carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulations such as:

  • Government Decree of 16.02.2008 N 87 (ed. By 10.27.2015) "On the part of sections of project documentation and requirements to their content";
  • GOST 27751-88 (ST SEV 384-87) "Reliability of building structures and foundations";
  • SNIP 31-03-2001 "Industrial buildings";
  • SNIP 2.03.11-85 "protection of structures from corrosion" and others.

Our projects

Among the largest and most important projects of utilities, carried out by specialists of "D-holding" are:

  • "Federation" tower in MIBC "Moscow City";
  • Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg;
  • backbone heating from CHP-3 OAO "Volzhskaya TGC" in the town of Engels, Saratov region;
  • Krasnozavodsk chemical plant;
  • residential complex at Lobnya Moscow Region, Str. County;
  • trade and consumer center in the LCD "Kuskovo" in Moscow, m. "Perovo";
  • residential complex "Golovino" in Moscow, m. "Water Stadium";
  • ATP shop Ltd. "Bytovik", Lyubertsy district of Moscow region, p. Malakhovka.

For more information on the list and cost of services for the design of networks with the management company "D-Holding" please request an application for a design. You can call +7 (985) 620-52-70 or send an e-mail to: info@d-hold.ru.

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