Проектирование промышленных объектов

Designing industrial facilities

Designing industrial facilities include the development of documentation for the construction of buildings of economic, industrial or technical purposes. Examples are: workshops, factories, office buildings, warehouses, depots, transformer substations, pumping or gas stations, maintenance points and other buildings which house specialized equipment. Specialists at "D-Holding" will undertake the design of industrial enterprises of varying difficulty. We carry out work in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl and other cities of the Russian Federation.

Services "D-Holding"

The company "D-Holding" offers a full range of services for the design of production facilities:

  • Preparation of technical documentation;
  • Carrying out of financial calculations and preparations of cost estimates to support the project financing production company;
  • Determining the necessary technical and economic indicators;
  • Supervision during the construction or reconstruction of the company.

Why use the services of "D-Holding"

The company "D-Holding" offers a full range of services for the design of production facilities:

  • Specialists at "D-holding" have extensive experience with new construction as well as reconstruction and re-equipment of existing buildings for industrial or technical purposes;
  • The presence of modern software, regulatory and technical equipment allows our employees to deliver quality of the design of industrial enterprises on time;
  • In "D-Holding" you can order a sample or an individual project. The design of industrial buildings is carried out taking into account all of the client's wishes in accordance with applicable law.

Requirements for the design of industrial plants

In "D-holding" design of industrial buildings and development of the necessary working documents are executed in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Government Decree of 16.02.2008 N 87 (ed. By 10.27.2015) "On the part of sections of project documentation and requirements of their content";
  • Federal Law № 116-FZ of 21.07.1997 "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities";
  • GOST 27751-88 (ST SEV 384-87) "Reliability of building structures and foundations";
  • SNIP 31-03-2001 "Industrial buildings";
  • SNIP 2.03.11-85 "protection of structures from corrosion";
  • SP "Hygiene requirements for the design of newly constructed and reconstructed industrial enterprises" and other documents.

Our projects

During their tenure in the company, the specialists at "D-holding" have developed many projects of buildings and structures for industrial use. The most important and the largest are:

  • Logistics warehouses of meat products for companies of "Miratorg";
  • Warehouse for finished products of «Kompaunt";
  • Warehouse hangar of "PPPs", etc.;

We know that the design of plants and other industrial facilities are a complex multi-step process that requires detailed study of each individual part of the project. And we propose you to entrust it to us.

For more information on the list and cost of services for the design of industrial facilities with the management company "D-Holding" please request an application for a design.
You can call +7 (985) 620-52-70 or send an e-mail to: info@d-hold.ru.

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