Сметная документация

Estimate Documentation

Management Company "D-Holding" provides a wide range of services for consulting estimates.

At the moment our specialists are successfully performing work on the compilation and validation of the estimated cost of capital construction, protecting the interests of customers during the state inspection, verification of the initial (maximum) price of the contract for works financed by the budgets at all levels (federal budget of the Russian Federation, territorial state extra-budgetary funds, municipal budgets).

Among our advantages:

  • Significant experience in providing services in the field of development and testing of estimates as part of the project documentation.
  • Maintaining a database of regulatory and methodical documentation for the project and project design stages.
  • Experience in the development of average current prices for building materials, products, structures and equipment.
  • Established analytical base on the cost of projects and working documentation.
  • Maintainance of an updated register of manufacturers (suppliers) of building materials, products, structures, and equipment for all citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • Implementation of activities on a professional basis with the assistance of trained professional. They have the knowledge and skills to provide services in the area of pricing for design and construction.
  • Possesion date, information on the latest trends, innovative materials and new supplies in the market of construction materials and technologies.
  • Modern material and technological resources to ensure quality and timely delivery of services.
  • Availability of relevant and updated monthly estimates withing the regulatory framework TSN-2001 for the city of Moscow, FER-2001 for the facilities financed by the federal budget funds, TER-2001 for all citizens of the Russian Federation. This includes more than 28 000 positions of building materials, products, structures, and equipment.
  • Standardized output document forms and methods of conducting budget calculations.
  • Single exchange format of information in electronic form;
  • The possibility of using a project management approach for the creation of capital construction; from pre-stage to the signing of putting into commision.

Working with UK "D-Holding", you get:

  • Savings of 10% to 40% on the price of construction work and procurement of equipment.
  • Actualized data on the current cost of necessary building materials, products, structures, and equipment. Also taking into account the terms, discounts, and logistics services for delivery and storage.
  • Optimizing the cost of material resources for construction and installation work in any industry through the introduction of the principles of lean manufacturing.
  • Control over expenditure of materials by the contractor.
  • Guaranteed to obtain a positive assesment on the reliability of the estimated cost of the state inspection (FAA "Glavgosexpertiza" GAU "Mosgosekspertiza").
  • Consultation in the preparation of tender documents.
  • Consultation in the preparation of construction contracts and contracts for design and survey work.
  • Protect the interests of the investor and regulatory organizations.
  • Advice on legal and regulatory documents in the field of pricing and estimated value.
  • A reliable partner to produce timely and relevant information on the latest trends in the development of construction documents, design and construction.
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