Interior design

Interior Design is a rather complicated and responsible process. For the development of architectural, engineering and stylistic solutions, the implementation of projects of interior design requires not only artistic taste, but also a set of specific skills and knowledge, as the entire interior must not only please the eye, but also to be functional. The management company "D-Holding" is ready to carry out the design of the interiors of residential and public buildings in various directions and styles.

Our services

The list of our services includes the following.

Designing of residential interiors. Our experts will be happy to develop a project of interior space that will fit your habits, temperament, and lifestyle. Each project involves the use of modern materials and the latest fashion trends in architecture and design. Our experts are well aware of what ease of use of the space of an apartment or house means, so they strive to make it as comfortable and practical as possible in arranging the functional areas of the room.

Designing of interiors. The specialists of "D-Holding" will create a cozy interior for a restaurant or cafe, where visitors will want to return again and again. They can create a strict business atmosphere in the office, fill a beauty salon with special charm or healthy passion at a gym or sports club.

Maintenance of projects (architectural supervision). We are ready to carry out monitoring of the implementation of repairs at your facility. Our experts are well oriented in all kinds of finishing materials, furniture, and accessories, so they can help you choose the most appropriate among them.

Stages of interior design

Pre-project: our specialists will make up a preliminary plan for interior decoration. At this stage, we make the necessary measurements, gather technical information on the location niches, supporting walls, and communications. Also, our specialists ascertain customer preferences in style and coloring.

Development planning and style decisions. We develop planning schemes of the premises, and define the most comfortable options for the location of functional zones. Also at this stage different style solutions are prepared, and scale models are built. Our experts offer graphic and colour texture options for decorating functional areas.

Preparation of documentation. At this stage we develop the plan of ceilings, floors, as well as the placement of electrical equipment. In addition, we carry out the selection of architectural design elements. Then we develop sweeping walls and structures, prepare a final draft, the design and estimate documentation, etc.


In our portfolio you can find illustrations of interior design projects developed by the specialists of "D-Holding".

Draft of a summer kitchen
Design project of the office of the Board of "EGS" in a loft
Design Office
Beauty saloon
Interior Design of a private home
Boutique in downtown Moscow

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