Предпроектные решения


For new construction, major repairs, or when reconstruction of old investments are required.

The investor - the owner of the capital (it can be a person or group of people, private enterprise or the state budget) - of course, wants to know whether something will bring them profits when investing capital in a specific project.

The essence of investing is - a postponement of profits from "today" for the sake of profit, "tomorrow."
To make a decision on long-term capital investment it is necessary to get answers to two questions:

  • Will the invested funds be fully repaid?
  • Will the resulting profit be large enough to compensate for the temporary non-use of funds and the risk of uncertainty of a specific result?

Management Company "D-Holding" will provide detailed answers.

We believe that the answers to these questions will help a competently developed feasibility study - a clear concept of the investment project. The concept of the project should be designed by professionals with extensive experience of successful projects, and know how to minimize the risks for investors.

The cost of the feasibility study, which usually is not more than 1-2% of the total investment in the project, and the cost of possible mistakes made in the strategic planning and investment calculations due to a lack of pre-project studies is incommensurable.

Working with UK "D-Holding", you get:

  1. Reducing the time and cost associated with support of the project and the provision of related services.
  2. Protection of the feasibility study of the investment project for co-investors.
  3. Advice on legal and regulatory documents.
  4. A reliable partner in strategic planning and investment calculations for pre-design.
  5. Relevant legal, economic, construction and architectural expertise (in the case of real estate projects):

    • Lawyers determine the legitimacy of the project and its "weak" points, the status of the land allocated for construction, as well as the risks that may arise in obtaining ownership of the constructed object.
    • Engineering Services conduct a survey of the building, study surveying of the land, the possibility of obtaining the necessary technical conditions for the construction, real coordination and execution of the architectural and construction project, as well as studying the correspondence providing estimates for the construction within the current market parameters.
    • Financial analysts, in turn, calculate the investment attractiveness of the project and develop a feasibility study to select the optimal financing schemes, identify project risks and evaluate its effectiveness.
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