Проектная документация

Project documentation

The management company "D-Holding" has a wide range of services in the design for industrial and civil use of different levels of complexity: from the creation of conceptual design to the implementation of working documentation and field supervision.

Design of buildings and constructions I and II levels of responsibility

Development of sections of the project and working documentation for the construction of buildings, structures and their complexes:

  1. General plan and transport;
  2. Architectural and construction solutions;
  3. Constructive decisions;
  4. Technological solutions:

    • Public buildings and facilities and their complexes;
    • Industrial buildings, construction, and their complexes;
    • Residential buildings and complexes;
    • Agricultural buildings, construction, and their complexes;
    • Objects of transport and their complexes, including highways, city streets, streets and local roads in residential areas;
  5. Engineering equipment, networks and systems;
  6. Special sections of project documentation;
  7. Estimates;

Terms of development of design documentation

Terms of development of design documentation range from 2 months (for example, object model design or "anchor"), 6 to 8 months (for especially complex and unique projects). In the case of quarterly construction, documentation is available in stages.

Other conditions

All sections of design documentation are developed exclusively in accordance with the law and efforts of the professional staff at "Management Company "D-Holding". This approach allows us to reduce time costs in the process of development and approval, as well as having a positive effect on the quality of products.

In the case of the need to involve subcontractors, project organization for special sections are not included in the core list, but necessary for the provision of expertise to the authorities, the company carries out the function of the general designer.

Modernization and reconstruction of industrial applications for enterprises

Reconstruction and modernization on the basis of introduction of modern automated, high-performance processing equipment, advanced technology, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes is an important and urgent task for Russian industrial enterprises.

    The objectives of modernization and reconstruction are:

  • Increased productivity, reduced proportion of heavy manual labor;
  • Reduced labor and material, and, as a consequence, production costs;
  • Increasing the efficiency of production;
  • Development of new industries and technologies.
    Experienced Specialists at LLC "Management Company" D-Holding" allows:

  • Preparation of initial data for technical re-equipment, reconstruction and overhaul of enterprises;
  • Development of design and working documents for technical re-equipment, reconstruction and overhaul;
  • Development of the program of import of technological equipment of existing enterprises;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies of modernization and reconstruction of production;
  • Optimization of existing and development of new advanced technologies for the production of products;
  • Highly professional equipment selection for specific tasks of the enterprise;
  • Preparation of technical requirements for the development of special equipment.

Terms of development of design and working documents

Terms of development of design documentation is from 4 to 8 months, taking into account the peculiarities of the funding regime and the complexity of design objects.

Author's supervision

The management company "D-Holding" monitors compliance of the requirements during construction, design and of the working documents. This service is based on the Civil Code and the rights of the author on works of architecture, urban planning and landscaping to exercise supervision over the construction of buildings or structures or other relevant projects.

Supervision is a set of actions carried out visually and documented and designed to determine whether the town planning, architectural planning, artistic, technical, technological and environmental decisions and actions carried out by the contractor during the construction of the facility, and the decision-making in the working draft of the object of construction and fixed documentation are carried out correctly.

Dates of field supervision

The dates of field supervision depend on the timing of the construction, installation work and require an additional contract between the company and a representative of the customer. High quality standards, compliance with regulatory standards of the Russian Federation, the use of the latest projects and know-how in the world of building materials and technologies, close cooperation with foreign design companies, allows us to fulfill all of your wishes.

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